News Corner: WIPO-CISAC’s Partnership – Paving Way for International Recognition and Information Exchange

Image Source: WIPO Pressroom

On 30 July 2020, World Intellectual Property Organization (“WIPO”) in a press release announced an advancement in its partnership with the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (“CISAC”). This new partnership echoes an agreement signed earlier this year on metadata between WIPO and SUISA, the Swiss authors’ Collective Management Organizations (“CMOs”) and a CISAC member. Under that agreement, WIPO Connect user societies gain access to a global platform that identifies authors, composers and publishers. The purpose of WIPO’s agreement with CISAC is to make CISAC’s CIS-Net, an international repertoire database, available to CMOs, especially in developing countries.

The aim object of the new partnership is to provide access to an enhanced platform and facilitate greater participation in CISAC’s information systems network. This initiative is extremely beneficial to CMOs who represent creators in developing countries by:

  • Effectively aiding CMOs manage their repertoire;
  • Facilitating information and data exchange with other CMOs beyond the territorial borders;
  • Improving international coverage; and
  • Boosting the earnings of creators and publishers who have their rights managed by those CMOs.

The WIPO-CISAC agreement, will enable WIPO Connect users to share their domestic repertoires on CIS-Net. This will assist in accurately identifying the repository of authors and composers, paving way for international recognition and remuneration for their creations. The initiative will help support societies and budding creators around the world. Additionally, WIPO Connect provides immense potential for growth, as it provides CMOs around the world, to showcase their repertoire on one consolidated platform.

Reported by Tanya Garg, Senior Editor

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