News Corner: US Army Introduces Robot Dogs – Initiation of a Futuristic Battlefield

Image Source: BusinessNet

As per a press release, the Department of the Air Force, in partnership with U.S. Northern Command and U.S. Space Command, held a second, more complex and rigorous field test from 31 August 2020 to 3 September 2020. The digital battle network system is designed to collect, process, and share data among U.S. and allied forces in real-time. This is an innovative and evolving approach to joint war-fighting known as the Advanced Battle Management System (“ABMS”). ABMS has already undergone several tests, including a live-fire exercise earlier this year conducted with data and communications provided.

The United States Air Force planes released four-legged robot dogs which dashed onto an airfield in the Mojave Desert, California, providing the first potential glimpse into the future of warfare. This exercise was one of the US military’s largest ever modern-tech experiments.

The AMBS uses artificial intelligence and rapid data analytics to detect and counter threats to US military assets in space and possible attacks on the US homeland with missiles or other means. The highlight of the demonstration was how the multiple distributed sensors were utilized to detect and shoot down pseudo cruise missiles. The system engages 5G and 4G networks, cloud computing systems, and AI systems to provide an unprecedented level of situational awareness and course of action decision making.

The modernization of ABMS is a top priority for the Department of the Air Force, which has dedicated USD 3.3 billion over five years to develop and deploy the architecture and related systems.

Reported by Tanya Garg, Senior Editor

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