About the Student Ambassador Programme

The IntellecTech Law Student Ambassador Programme is a new initiative by IntellecTech Law. The dual objective of the programme is: (a) encourage law students to proactively participate in thought provoking conversations; and (b) increase engagement with universities and promote collaborations. The IntellecTech Law Student Ambassador are campus ambassadors who have a passion for IP laws and technology, a desire to share and learn. The Program is for those students who are eager to support their fellow students, lead a local technical community, and update themselves with the latest legal current events.

Role and Responsibilities of a Student Ambassador

  • Ideate on and execute innovative campaign plans;
  • Develop an expanded knowledge of IntellecTech Law
  • Share frequent legal updates on social media platforms;
  • Share updates pertaining to the blog on social media platforms; and
  • Act as a liaison between IntellecTech Law and the student community by:
  • Proactively participate in the developing the reach of IntellecTech Law;
  • Among the student community know about the initiatives taken by IntellecTech Law,
  • Assisting with outreach program and services on campus on the behalf of IntellecTech Law;
  • Assist with duties and tasks related to events/call for submissions/collaborations put forward by IntellecTech Law; and
  • Address current and future student queries on behalf of IntellecTech Law.

Who Can Apply?

An IntellecTech Law Ambassador is a special blend of skills, knowledge and personality. Students having strong interpersonal skills, leadership qualities and a zeal to learn new things. Students of any semester from law college, university, organisation or educational group may apply to be Ambassador. 


While there is no stipend for this position, an IntellecTech Law Student Ambassador will get the following incentives:

  • Certificate of Appreciation – Letter acknowledging your contributions to IntellecTech Law.
  • Opportunity to receive exclusive one-on-one guidance and mentorship from the Editorial Board to get your article(s) published on IntellecTech Law.
  • Opportunity to learn about recent developments in niche and emerging legal areas while writing for our ‘News Corner’.


  • The term of appointment as an IntellecTech Law Student Ambassador is 3 (three) months, which is extendable subject to the performance and discretion of the Ambassador.
  • The Student Ambassadors shall have the option to terminate their appointment after giving written notice of at least 2 (two) weeks to allow IntellecTech Law to find a suitable replacement. We understand and acknowledge that our team members may have other obligations, and we are always open to accommodating – subject to complete transparency and honesty.

To apply, fill this form here.